Historic Data

As a Footballdatadirect.com member you may have missed previous data or wish to look further back than the duration of your membership.

Current season MASTER FILES are published bi-monthly and will enable you to catch up on any missed data that season for all our sheets.

If you wish to look back at previous seasons data you can purchase a full season data on a by sheet basis or on a 5 or 10 sheet bundle basis at one low cost. This data will be delivered to you via email in excel format.

All data is provided as is for your use and is exactly what would have been published through that season.

We  have season 2017/18, Season 2018/19 and Season 19/20 available on a historical basis.

If you wish to purchase historic data read on or – return to members area HERE


Before clicking a button to purchase please make sure you have to hand exactly what sheet(s) it is you are requesting. After payment you will be required to fill this information in. So for example for a 5 sheet bundle you will need to enter on the after sales page information similar to – FDD Match Odds 6 Games 17/18 season, FDD Under 1.5, 6 Games 18/19 season, FDD Under 2.5, 6 Games  18/19 season, FDD Correct Score Half Time Prices 6 Games -17/18 Season, FDD Under 2.5 Half Time Prices 18/19 season.

It is vital you enter the correct information before pressing submit.


To purchase Historic Data please use the links below – AFTER Payment you will be redirected to a page to enter your request for data please be patient and do not close the sales window

1 Sheet of Historic Data – £10 One off purchase – CLICK HERE

5 Sheet  Bundle of Historic Data – £40 One off purchase – CLICK HERE

10 Sheet of Historic Data – £60 One off purchase – CLICK HERE